About Us

Zenarts Design Studio is as much the work of yours truly, Zenon Slawinski, as it is a collective of highly talented artists. We can help you with pretty much any visual challenge you may have from graphic design to illustration to character design and animation mostly geared toward children. We are equally comfortable working in print as well as mobile media. We are also skilled in audio production from original music to audio editing and any production needs.

One of the most important aspects of a good business relationship is working with a clear directive. Add to that exploring new options and stimulating new ideas to do whatever it takes to make the best possible product, and you have a winner. Let us help you realize your dreams. Contact us today.

Who We Are


Photo by Laura Phillips.

Zenon Slawinski and Karin Huggens
I’m the guy at the helm who will help guide you through your project and connect you with the right skill set from our illustrious crew including myself. Skilled in graphic design, illustration, animation and traditional art including audio production we both bring a lot to the table for such a small team. We can draw, design and create for your project what is needed to help you realize your dream. Our passion for what we do demands a high level of focus on attention and we bring that to every project. Working with and adapting to the ever changing tool environment keeps us on our toes and assures the you get exactly what is needed.

Karin, my lovely wife, is a fabulous illustrator – you can explore her site when you’ve exhausted yourself poking around this one (but not before) – check it out at palettehead.com. Karin is a Hollywood trained animator and graduate of the renowned Art Center in Pasadena so she knows her stuff. Having her on the team adds an air of fun and makes me tolerable.

Eddie Sutton
Eddie Sutton
Eddie’s a great guy. I’ve known Eddie for longer than I can remember. We worked together over the years on a wide range of interactive projects involving disc based media and websites. Eddie is a fab graphic designer that has jumped into the deep end of the WordPress pool and brings a lot of knowledge and insight to our crew – he used to be an art director at AOL so he knows is AD stuff. 

There are other members of our team that are rather camera shy but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention at least their offerings. We have a broad based team from around the country of back-end experts; coders that know all the important internet languages to bring you the deep knowledge necessary for making a website with heavy database requirements come to life. They also know more acronyms than you can swing a mobile device at. See our web samples and ask us about helping you make your next project a reality. We’d love to help you out.