Photography is just plain fun in a box. We love to take pictures and we’re pretty darned good at using Photoshop. We’ve been manipulating images for well over 25 years and know a thing or two about lighting, filters and post processing. We’ve created two parts to our Photography section. The first part is our Commercial section which showcases what we’ve done for those that help pay our bills. The second part is our personal collection of favorite snaps. Some are panoramas which are becoming popular again. Take some time and explore what’s here. Contact us if you have any questions about any of it – really. Enjoy!

Our Commercial Work

DreamDog Foundation

These images were brought to us from another photographer to be turned into backlit banners for a trade show. We manipulated them to include Cici and Ace along with the models. Fun stuff.

NIEMS – National Institute of Emergency Medical Services

We’ve worked together with NIEMS for many years and each new project always seems to involve images. Generally, NIEMS likes to purchase stock photos and then we enhance them through our expert user of Photoshop or make composites from a various images to create a completely new final image. Loads of fun, either way. Check out some of the print stuff we’ve done using these kinds of images.

Psychology Science Journal Magazine

We were asked to create a “tornado of publications” showing the many diverse magazines on the subject of Psychology. The client was very pleased with the results.

Photo Retouching

This is  a sample of this kind of work that we can do should you need it.



These are header images we created for some of TechRiver’s clients.

Our Personal Collection

These are some of my favorite photo’s I’ve taken over the years from travels and around where I’ve lived. I hope you enjoy your tour. If you have any ??? about anything here, just ask. I’d be delighted to hear from you.



These could’ve been called portraits but I’m not really into that since these were rather spontaneous and not planned shot.

Animals – Bugs

The wild kingdom has so many cool creatures. It would be fun just to travel the world taking endless shots but such is not the case here. Many of these African animals were shot (from the car – ugh) in a reserve in Florida. Sorry the story isn’t more exciting.


Who doesn’t like to eat? Food always looks great in photos. Then again good food is always better when it’s right front of you. Bon Appetite.


Everybody loves a flower even if it’s a picture of one. I’ve taken my share so here are a few to while away some time. Enjoy.


We have been enamored with life-like statues of ourselves since the beginning of time. Here are a few of those images that beckon us to look.

Travel Shots

Everyone takes a camera on vacation. We’re no different. We also take thousands of images. Editing them is very difficult because we love them all. After many hours of arm twisting and wrestling on the matt we’ve narrowed them down to the ones you see here. This may change.


Who doesn’t get mesmerized by waterfalls? They are nature’s eye candy for our enjoyment at no charge. They’re everywhere which makes them so wonderful. OK, almost everywhere. We’ve got lots of photos to choose from and here are a few. Have fun.

Abstract Images

OK, who doesn’t get artsy with a camera? How can you not? Here’s a tiny few we think you’ll like.

Non-Category Images

Sometimes no matter how hard you try you just can’t place some things into a box. These handful of images are those. See what you think.