Over the years we have had the pleasure to work with some wonderful clients from all sides of the world wide web. Here are a few of our favorite website designs we’ve created. Take a tour and have some fun surfing around.

At the bottom of this screen are examples of interactive educational pieces Zenarts helped develop for various clients.

• Recent Work •

The Clarinet Studio

Celebrated teacher and performer, clarinetist Elizabeth Bley was seeking to have a web presence updated for today’s demands. Zenarts helped Elizabeth bring this idea to fruition. The website showcases some of her recordings and explains aspects of her teaching and clinics.  Interested in learning to play the clarinet? Check out her site.

MacPherson Opticians

MacPherson Opticians was looking to update their existing website to make it more attractive and modern. They wanted a site that would be responsive displaying well on all platforms and be easy to use. Zenarts worked closely with them to develop a design that would accommodate all their concerns – in the end they were very please with the end result –  Visit the site

Mazaheri Psychiatry

Doctor Sara Mazaheri needed a website in order to attract new clients as well as broadcast her specialties in psychiatric treatment. She worked with ZDS to achieve her goal. The site design is clean, easy to navigate as well as answer basic treatment questions –  Visit the site.

DreamDog Foundation

The DreamDog Foundation has been one of our oldest and best clients. We have worked together on many good-willed and sorely needed projects like helping school children develop a love of reading to writing lyrics to music videos they create. This new site helps deliver the message DreamDog so earnestly fosters and shares with all children –  Visit the DreamDog site.

BAR – Beverage Alcohol Resource

The BAR site has been upgraded and is now ready for the next season of the BAR 5-Day Certification Program. If you are a bartender or interested in mixology this program is not to be missed. Students can apply online, make payments and do it from any desktop, tablet and mobile device thanks to the innovative responsive design we created. It’s an easy site to navigate no matter how you get to it –  check it out.



Founded by BAR member Doug Frost and one of the leaders in the spirits and drink world, DrinkSkool allows pretty much anyone old enough to think for themselves to learn a boatload of knowledge about mixology. Zenarts worked closely with Doug to create a comprehensive website for students to learn about this mysterious craft. Check it out.



Petswelcome is the largest and possibly oldest website for people with pets who like to travel. Governed by a board of canines and a feline that keeps them all in line, it is one of the best run organizations on the web – or so they like to think. Check it out for yourself – if you and your best friend hit the road make sure you visit this site for all your pet-friendly accommodations. Zenarts works almost daily on various aspects of the site to make it the best possible web travel experience.

Cleaning Up The Class – k12

This Flash piece is part of the new pre-K curriculum. Zenon was asked to write a music track to the provided lyrics. Animation was created by k12 in-house.


©K12 Inc. All rights reserved.

The Wheels on the Bus – k12

This video is part of a larger set of videos k12 created for their pre-K curriculum. Zenon arranged and played the piano part and had the pleasure of recording with the wonderful Lena Seikaly on vocals. Enjoy.


©K12 Inc. All rights reserved.

The Adventures of Cici & Ace

Created as part of a three-part book series for The Children’s Place, Zenarts worked closely with writer and children’s advocate Rainey (Lorraine Friedman) of the DreamDog Foundation to create the books and design the website. Visit the site.


The Baking Lawyer

This is a Flash site which we created for a DC based lawyer that wants to secretly be a baker – how cool is that? We helped her with the design and used her photos to populate all the sections she wanted to hilite – yum. Check it out.


Chant Avedissian – National Museum of African Art

The NMAFA needed a website to showcase the art creations of Egyptian artist Chant Avedissian. Zenarts Design Studio was asked to design a website to introduce American audiences to Mr. Avedissian’s creations. Take a look and learn all about Mr. Avedissian. Visit the site.


Choose Ur Style –  National Museum of African Art

Choose Ur Style is a Flash game designed for children to help learn and have some fun using textiles and outfits worn by traditional African tribes mixed in with modern western urban wear. Check it out.


Doug Goldstien, eFuturist

As an eFuturist, author and catalyst for change, Doug Goldstien focuses on the people and processes necessary to make technology work smarter in complex organizations. Doug is a leading expert in how to use new and experiential media to improve health and performance. We designed a site for Doug to best view all of his many skills. View his site.


Encounters With The Contemporary – National Museum of African Art

The NMAA sought to have a website made to artfully refelct their exhibit of modern art from Africa. We worked closely with the museum curators to develop such a site. They were very pleased with the results as were we. Visit the site.


Experience Cognac

Designed with the help of the wonderful people at BAR we designed a website for the Cognac producers of France for the American market. The site covers the history and recipes using cognac as well as a Quiz which allows savvy users to possibly win a trip to France to experience cognac first hand. Check it out.


In The Presence Of Spirits – National Museum of African Art

This is a virtual tour of the exhibition of highlights from the African art collection of the Museum Nacional de Etnologia in Lisbon, Portugal. This was the first time such an exhibition highlighting their African collection has ever traveled to the United States and very few of the objects in the museum’s collection have ever been on view outside of Europe. We were honored to be selected to create a web presence for the exhibit. Take the tour.


Lorenzo’s Oil

Zenarts Design Studio was approached by Augusto Odone of The Myelin Project to help visualize the process of myelin breakdown in the human body so doctors and patients alike could better understand the nature of this devastating disease. We worked closely with Augusto whose son Lorenzo was stricken with the ailment at a young age. The movie Lorenzo’s Oil starring Nick Nolte as Augusto Odone and Susan Sarandon as his wife Michaela, helped make Lorenzo Odone’s story famous throughout the world. You can learn more about Augusto, Lorenzo and the movie on the Myelin Project websitesite.



The creative and driving force behind many award winning children’s books, music, videos, and hands-on classroom appearances around the Washington, DC area, Rainey is a whirlwind of positive energy. Learn more about what Rainey can bring to your kid’s classroom at Rainey.tv.


Zenarts Photographic Services

At one time we explored the idea of offering photographic services to collectors but after looking into the legal and insurance pitfalls we found it was much better to spend our time kayaking and playing music ’til the cows come home. Since we don’t have any cows, we’ll just keep playing our favorite jazz tunes. Check out our music section to hear what ditty’s we’ve created. Oh, and don’t forget to at least pay a short visit to our rather cool online photo book. Enjoy!


Interactive Flash Examples (and a Video)

Here are some samples of Flash work we have created for clients that are used either as online educational materials or in museums as displays.


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Everybody starts somewhere. Well, here are our first website designs from the early and mid-2000’s. Both of these sites were designed in Flash and served us well for many years. We present them here as archived museum pieces. Someday, when Flash goes the way of the 8-track these will fade to a distant memory – maybe for the better. Ha. Enjoy them now while you can.